Welcome to our mammoth list of activity ideas and resources for learning and playing with the PyeongChang Games. These Winter Olympics activities for kids are geared for elementary school aged learners, but can be adjusted as needed.

I loooooved the Olympics when I was a kid. I enjoyed everything from finding countries on my creaky old globe to perfecting my “triple axle” in the living room.

Directly below, you’ll find a grid with all the activities– we have 17 activities for 17 days! Click or tap to go to the page with more details and resources. Many of the pages have free downloads too. I’ll be updating the activity pages in the next few days and weeks with any new resources that I find. These activities are designed to develop critical thinking skills and problem solving strategies. The topics have enough flexibility that they can be modified to suit your learner.

Keep scrolling to find two free downloads: one of a daily schedule of events and another with all the graphics that you can mark off as you like.

Get Your Downloads for Olympics Activities and a Schedule Here

I’ll tell you how this entire project came about. About a month ago, Z built a LEGO ski slope. It reminded me that the Olympics were coming up and that we ought to do something. That seed grew into all this! I do tend to get carried away, I guess. So we are super excited to get started on all this. We usually aren’t so scheduled, so it will be interesting to see if we can complete our own challenge.

A few words on the activities: I wrote each one as if I were talking to my children. I like to ask a lot of questions and leave room for creativity and problem solving. I’ve included many links to direct sources like pyeongchang2018.com and nbcolympics.com along with others. There are many embedded YouTube videos. Please use your own judgment and have loads of fun.

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