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A few weeks ago I stumbled on The Nectar Collective while perusing Bloglovin. (If you aren’t on Bloglovin, you must go and sign up right now. I’ll wait…) So back to the Nectar Collective. I really enjoy her posts, especially on the topics of self-employment, blogging, graphic design and such. And she has this neat link up each week called Weekly Wishes. You write about your goals for each week and hold yourself accountable in the following week’s post. It really got me thinking about weekly planning and how I write lists, goals and priorities.

I am going to explain a little bit more about how I plan, but first I need to share my goals for this week!

  1.  Cut back on coffee. I realized that I’ve just been drinking too much coffee during the day. It’s making me feel out of whack (that’s the technical term) and dulling my appetite. I’ve been making a pot in the morning and sometimes another one in the afternoon. For the past two days I’ve switched to tea and it hasn’t been terrible. I’m hoping to be more balanced on this from now on.
  2. Get ahead on glimmersnaps posts for the month. We are going out of town for a month starting the 17th so I need to start getting ahead with scheduled posts now. I’m only planning 2-3 per week but I need to get some set up early so I don’t have a lull. When I’m traveling is the only time I wish I had a laptop. I can still work but it’s sometimes inconvenient to use someone else’s computer, you know?
  3.  Continue working on my website and open a business bank account. I haven’t talked about this on the blog yet, but I’m in the process of setting up my own business! I do web design, content development and other marketing-type services for small businesses, organizations and individuals. I’ve had a few projects already (hence my website not being finished) and there are checks that need to be deposited! I don’t think my site will be finished this week, but I hope to see daily progress.
  4. Continue organizing the study. Since we moved in to our new apartment, most of the place is pretty well organized. The study is where my desk, books, supplies and miscellaneous storage live. It’s moving along, but the clutter is still there. Hoping that by this time next week I’ll have gone through a few more boxes and piles.

Let’s see how it goes!

I want to share a few things that help me with daily and weekly planning.

In the past I’ve tended to bounce between chaotic/unplanned/overwhelmed and super-planned/routined/overwhelmed. Notice the commonality?

I would go through phases of trying to be so organized and time-budgeted until I got burned out and said forget it. Then after a few weeks of that I think: I’ve gotta get more organized! Vicious. Cycle.

For the past few months I’ve felt a shift. I’ve got two little ones and I work from home and it seems I’ve finally gotten into my groove!

Here’s what I’ve learned:

First things first. This is the most obvious and simple thing, but when we get overwhelmed it’s the easiest to forget. When your mind is reeling from the 238 things on your list, pick the thing that requires the most immediate attention and do it first. There you go. One down. 237 to go. That’s progress.

Break it down. Keep goals small and attainable. If you are not meeting your goals, the problem is not your ability to work. The problem is that you aren’t writing the best goals. Be realistic with what you can accomplish in a given time. Don’t let self-doubt creep its way in.

Plan for tomorrow, today. I usually finish ‘work’ between 4 and 5, though some days I work at night too. I’ve gotten into the routine of writing my list of tasks to be done the next day as a way to wrap up my work day. I love it because it helps me turn off my brain and I hit the ground running in the morning.

Use backward planning. If you are working on a deadline of some sort, plan what needs to be done starting with the final day then working back. This will help budget your time and minimize the last-minute scramble. I learned this planning method when I taught elementary school, but I use it now for work projects and packing for trips.

I hope these gave you some inspiration for your own planning. Let me know your ideas in the comments down below. And meet me here next week to see how I did! I’m hoping to share a free printable for weekly planning in 2015.





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