Spring Capsule

I know. It’s Sunday night. I used to be so good about posting these on Friday mornings! Next week I’ll be on time. Right.

So we actually had a very fun and busy weekend. And I’m really hoping to write two posts about what we did. Don’t hold your breath, but I might even publish one this week! We spent most of our weekend outdoors at the Nature Center and Washington D.C. I’ll share more. Promise.

But my Weekend Inspiration was actually something I started on Thursday and Friday. It’s finally time for my Spring clothes to come out and play!

Maryland has still been feeling wintry but I think we’ve really turned the corner with highs in the 60/70s now. So I started getting out my lighter-weight clothes and putting away the sweaters and winter gear. I’m not quite done, but it’s a great start so far.

I use a capsule system for my clothes. I’ve been doing this for years (even when I lived in Texas and Louisiana) but I just learned the name a few months ago. A capsule wardrobe is basically just a minimal or pared down wardrobe that you use for a season. You can put away clothes that aren’t being used or decide to get rid of them. You pull out the in-season clothes and refresh it with a few new pieces. You can read much, much more here.

I love this for so many reasons, but it’s fantastic for right now when I have about 2 feet of hanging space in our closet. There’s no way all my clothes would fit even if I wanted them to! It also helps me to get dressed more quickly. I know what outfits go together and I can grab something fast. If I want to take more time and be creative, I can do that too.

So consider using a rotating wardrobe for your clothes! I will try to write up what I’ll be wearing this Spring (I know, promises, promises) but if I don’t you can see some of it on Instagram. Ha!

Have a wonderful, sunny, Springy week!


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