Will it ever be warm again? I’m been babbling about how excited I am for Spring for, like, a month. And it’s still freezing! Ok granted, it’s not as bad as it was, but a high of 39F is still Winter in my book. So far the only signs of Spring are a little more sunlight (yay) and increased wind (boo).

So this weekend, I’m planning to see some animals. Ocean ones. Nope, not going to venture out in the wild exactly. Instead we’ll spend the day in the comforts of the National Aquarium. There will be dolphins, sea turtles and the humid steam of the rainforest. Can’t wait.

We went for the first time a few weeks back. I mentioned it on Instagram but never posted photos and more details because I wasn’t thrilled with my photos when I got home. Dark aquariums are tricky for photos. I’m planning to try again and hopefully I’ll give you a more detailed post.

So wherever you are, why not get out and see something wild this weekend? It would probably be a great day for an outdoor adventure for most. I keep seeing kids playing outside in shorts on my Facebook so I know it must be nice somewhere. But if you’re like me and can’t take the chill, an aquarium might be just the thing to convince yourself that it will be warm again. Some day. Maybe next week. Who am I kidding? Probably May.

I want to add one programming note of sorts. I know I’ve been really quiet lately. I wish I had more time to post because I keep having so many ideas. But I’ve been tied up with a few work projects and, well, some of my own. I’m continuing to post my Weekend Inspiration because I really want to make it the whole year and I can’t stop now. I’m hoping to be back with more regular posts within the next few weeks.

Have a wild weekend!

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