Walk instead of drive

I know I’m super-late this week! In my defense, I’ve been a bit under the weather and things got busy yesterday and today. But it’s still the weekend, so it still counts!

With the temperatures warming, I’m looking forward to more fresh air. Tomorrow I’m planning to take the kids on a little walk to do a little shopping.

Growing up in Houston, we pretty much drove everywhere and it wasn’t until I did a study abroad program in Spain that I realized how great it actually was to be able to walk to places. I love it when cities are designed in a way that you can pick up whatever you need on your walk home. I could walk to my university, stop off for groceries or take a different road to shop for clothes and have a coffee. Most of our cities in the States just aren’t set up that way. But I’m happy to live in an area where I can actually walk instead of drive– to a few places at least.

We have a library just across the street and a few restaurants. I can also walk to a movie theatre and a mostly-defunct mall. The mall isn’t too exciting, but there is a Gymboree, JC Penny’s and Macy’s along with a couple of random stores. So that’s where I’m planning to go tomorrow. And wherever you live, try going for a walk instead of driving to your destination. You’ll feel great about it.

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