get ready for spring

This weekend is my most looked-forward-to weekend in the whole year! Why? Time change! Spring forward! More light. It amazing how much that one extra hour of day effects me. Last year I remember it felt like a weight lifted from my shoulders. So this weekend, although there is a piles of snow still on the ground, I’m looking for ways to celebrate the coming Spring.

I am interested to see how the Spring is here in Maryland. In North Carolina it is fantastic with trees and flowers blooming everywhere you look– like they’re one-upping each other and showing off.

This weekend I’ll be eagerly setting my clock forward, trying to spend a bit of time outside, and maybe browsing for springtime clothes. Spring cleaning? Maybe!

See you next week. On Tuesday I’ll join in on 10 on 10 and later in the week I’ll have a post for the Virtual Book Club for Kids. This month’s author is Margaret Wise Brown.

Have a light-filled weekend, friends!

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