clean out bathroom

Happy Weekend! We’ve had a weird week, but good overall. We had a few plans that fell through due to not feeling well and snow. But we still had some good times all cozy at home. As much as I’m looking forward to Spring, I’m also treasuring these times while they last.

I have several things I want to get done this weekend. I have some work for a client to do, there’s a ton of cleaning and, oh yeah, I’ll be watching House of Cards.

One of my targets for cleaning is my bathroom. Since I started my self-care routine, which I’ve fallen behind on by the way, I have yet to really organize all my healthcare and beauty supplies in an easy-to-access and eye-pleasing fashion. Our bathroom is one of the only kid-free zones in the house, so my goal is to make it as peaceful and beautiful as possible. Everything is a random mess right now.

So hopefully I’ll be able to get things mostly under control this weekend. I need to get rid of some things and just figure out how to put everything away. I’ve been going back and forth on getting one of those organizers or something to hold things on the counter. I’m afraid it will look cluttered, but we will see. I’ll share what I come up with on Instagram!

How do you organize your bath and beauty supplies?



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