I think this will be the toughest Weekend Inspiration project for me yet: Make Soup!

I’m talking about real soup. Like a homemade one. Every winter I say I’m going to learn to make soup. Of course, it saves money and it’s healthier and it just seems like a cozy thing to do on a winter’s day. But I’m really not much of a cook. I know I need to practice more to get better. And really, how hard can soup be? Can you burn soup?

So this weekend, I plan to make a homemade soup. I’m not sure what yet. Maybe a vegetable soup? I’ll have to see what Pinterest says.

As always, I’ll keep you updated on Instagram. I’m imagining a beautiful bowl of rich-looking soup and a little stack of toasted bread next to it. (I think I may be mostly interested in food for the plating possibilities.) And I’ll see you back Monday with a post about boredom!

Do you have any favorite recipes? Will you be making soup this weekend?

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