Weekend Inspiration- Mail a Letter

This month I participated in Lovely Letters. It’s a blogger letter exchange program where you sign up and are paired with a blogger (usually from a different part of the world) and you get to know them a bit and exchange letters. I signed up on a whim, but it was really fun! I think it’s something I’d do again for sure. I’ll share more about the experience after I receive my package from my partner, who lives in Singapore. Her blog nomElizabeth is here if you’d like to check it out!

So I was definitely inspired by Lovely Letters when I though of this weekend’s inspiration. Mail a letter!

Just think how exciting it is to get a real letter in the mail. Not junk mail. Not a bill. But something actually addressed to you by another human being. You pull the letter out of the slot and carry in inside (or rip it open right there) to see what surprise it holds. This weekend, you can give someone that feeling. Mail a letter to anyone: your mom, an old friend, an old teacher or co-worker.

I’m planning to mail a little note to my parents and grandparents. I’ll probably include some of the kids’ artwork and maybe a little treat.

(And if you’re a blogger, think about signing up for Lovely Letters in February.)

Lovely Letters Snail Mail Exchange

Who will you send a letter to this weekend? 



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