After traveling to visit family for the past month, we are headed home this weekend. It hasn’t been the typically relaxing trip down here. We’ve had really dismal weather no matter where we went. And in the past week my grandfather’s health really took a turn for the worse. There has been a lot of stress and uncertainty this past week and I’ll carry a lot of worry with me when I fly away.

So when I thought about this week’s weekend inspiration, I wanted something to help me step outside myself a bit. What easier way to see things from a different perspective than watching a foreign film?

I am actually a pretty big watcher of “movies with subtitles”, more so in the past than now. I actually rarely watch a movie nowadays, preferring to binge-watch television.

There’s something special about watching a movie from a different culture or language. It’s like a little peek into another country. A different perspective. A different way of thinking, maybe.

So this weekend why not treat yourself to something new? Watch a movie with subtitles. (It won’t hurt you to read a little!)

Now, tell me: What are your favorites? What should I watch? 

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