It’s been beautiful spring weather here and I’ve been spending as much time as possible outdoors. Boo-Boo is nearly 14 months and he’s walking and running (away from me) like a pro. He loves the outdoors. He brings me my shoes and stands by the door if when he feels cooped up inside. Bean is just about three. (She’s not my daughter, but a friend’s little girl who I babysit.) She also loves to be outside. I think there’s just something calming about listening to the wind in the new, Spring leaves and the birds being busy with their nests. (By the way, our ducks and geese are getting ready for their hatchlings. Darling photos of baby ducks coming soon!)

Yesterday we got back to the house after a walk to the pond and just didn’t feel like going in yet. So we did the easiest water play activity in the world: turned on the faucet and filled up some buckets.

These are just two dollar store bins, but anything would do. I also gave them 2 small, plastic bowls, a funnel, and a handful of plastic animals. There are so many other things we can add, but simple is a great way to start. In fact, they probably would have been satisfied even without the animals.

Bean was really intent on filling and pouring. She took a lot of interest in the funnel so I think for next time I’ll include some bottles and spoons for that purpose.

Boo-Boo mainly liked the splashing aspect of the activity. He did a lot of dipping of the animals into the water and taking it back out to see if it still looked the same. He also enjoyed walking through the small puddle that formed on the ground. I noticed that he’s been experimenting with walking on different types of surfaces (sand, uneven ground, slopes and inclines) so I think the splashy, wet pavement was a treat.

Have you been noticing signs of the changing season? What are you favorite outdoor activities?

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