Today I’m sharing a crafty activity we did that was inspired by This Plus That by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. I hadn’t heard of this author before so I was excited to discover some new books. The picture book section in the library is so overwhelming, don’t you think?This Plus That is a sweet book with darling illustrations by Jen Corace. It’s a little above Boo-Boo’s comprehension, but I think he still loved it.

{This one is my favorite. (Yes, I used to teach elementary school.)}

So naturally, my mind went to making up my own equation.
It was really easy and fun painting each other’s hands and making this. Boo-Boo was amazed at his blue painted hand. (I think more painting is in our future.)
To make the “answer” we put all our handprints on top of the other and I cut out heart.
I decided it was cute enough to hang in the playroom. Maybe I’ll even get around to framing it one day!

So have you ever read any other Amy Krouse Rosenthal books? Head over to Toddler Approved to check out what others did.

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