A few weeks ago* we visited Sherwood Gardens in Baltimore to see the famous spring tulip bloom. Sherwood Gardens is a open strip of land in a neighborhood of stately homes. Tens of thousands of tulips bloom each spring in a gorgeous display of color.

Sherwood Gardens Mixed Tulips

The mixed color beds were my favorite. We brought a blanket and food and ate lunch right next to this stunning flower bed.

Sherwood Gardens Orange Tulips

Every year these tulips bloom for just a couple of weeks and then they are done. Depending on the weather, which has been quite mercurial this spring, they open sometime in late April.

Sherwood Gardens Little Boy Dashing through Tulips

The kids had so much fun running around in the lively garden. This is an ideal spot for a low key meetup to play.

Sherwood Gardens Mammoth Trees

My son especially loved climbing these mammoth trees! (What are they called?!)

Sherwood Gardens Sisters in Purple

This was one of the first times that Little Miss M got to feel grass. Being born in October meant that she wasn’t outside much until now. She absolutely loves it. She ran her fingers through the soft, carpet-like grass and watched for every move of a child, bird or gentle breeze.

Spotted at Sherwood Gardens

I let the kids take photos and some turned out really nice. I am thinking about getting them their own cameras for Eid but I’m not sure if it will be worth it. Will they just be clogged up with 4000 shots of the ceiling?

Sherwood Gardens Spring Tulips

Whenever I see tulips, I think of Duke Gardens and I miss Durham. I can’t believe we moved away nearly two years ago and I still feel homesick! Will I miss this place after we move away?

*So I’m still catching up on posts from April! We are going out of town in early June, so my goal is to be all caught up by then. I’m also trying to finish the KonMari project by then– plus there’s so much going on with our homeschool co-op. It will be a good-busy few weeks for sure. 

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