Today we are participating in Toddler Approved’s Virtual Book Club featuring Lois Ehlert books. We went to library to find one and Wag a Tail was the one that immediately grabbed Boo-Boo’s attention.
Now, Boo-Boo is 19 months old, so a lot of the ideas I see for the “toddler” group are still a little too advanced for him. I thought about making little fabric dogs in the same style as Ehlert, but I realized that would be more fun for me than him!
Inspired by the eyes, fruits and other things she uses buttons to represent, I pulled out my spare button collection. These are mostly those extra buttons you get when you buy something just in case one falls off. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I don’t even still have some of these clothes anymore. But back to the activity…

I gave him the buttons in a small glass bowl. Of course, I watched him carefully to make sure the bowl didn’t get broken nor the buttons ingested. At first he practiced transferring the buttons from one bowl to the other. The glass makes a nice sound against the buttons. He also started pouring them and was quite careful to pick up the ones that missed the bowl.
Then I showed him how the buttons could match up with the buttons in the book. He quickly caught on and began putting them down and picking them back up.
He said “doggie eye” when he put these buttons down. It was a proud moment.

Then we upped the ante and started dropping the buttons in a glass jug. The jug even has a screw-on lid. Awesome.This is my favorite kind of activity: simple and open-ended. Make sure you check out the other ideas on Toddler Approved’s blog!

Ironically he was periodically distracted by some squirrels outside. Maybe we should have picked Nuts to You!

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