A few weeks ago I mentioned that we were participating in the Virtual Kids’ Book Club sponsored by Toddler Approved! This month’s selection was The Very Quiet Cricket. I don’t think I had ever read the book before, though I love Eric Carle books.

On my first reading, the thing that stuck out to me most were the noises (or lack of) made by each bug. I tried to think of a way to make those noises into an activity, but first I decided to see what made an impression on Bean.

Sure enough, she didn’t seem to care much about their different noises. She was more interested in the bugs themselves. For her, the close-up illustrations of the wild-winged and many-legged insects were fascinating. The first time I read the book to her, she questioned each page. Is that his toes? Where are his hands? Where is the mouth? 

I decided to follow her interests. We looked at each illustration carefully. I checked out Bugs Up Close from the library and we matched some of the pages. We focused on the wings, antennae, body, eyes, and six legs. Bean was interested in pointing them out on the illustrations and the real photos.

Then we decided to make a few of the insects. First, we laid the pieces out on the book’s page and talked about what each thing represented. (I had to keep her from gluing the materials to the book!)

Then we put the insects together. It was mostly me doing the assembly–she is only 3– but Bean did get to do some gluing. We only had time to make three. I wanted to do the Luna Moth and use a glow-in-the-dark necklace to fashion the wings. Maybe we will do it next week.

Boo-Boo enjoyed the book more than I thought he would. We read it several times over the month and he liked looking at the illustrations and laughed at my insect noises. Of course I also checked out another bug book and pulled out some photo cards to extend the activity.

Thanks for the book club! I can’t wait to see what everyone else did and what the book for June will be!

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