After our sweet little Belle was born last month, several friends brought us dinner. It’s such a wonderful tradition to bring food to a new mother and I really appreciated it so much. Cooking was absolutely the last thing on my mind and it’s a good excuse to socialize for a little bit when friends drop the food off.

If you are trying to arrange a meal schedule, there are several neat websites that help you organize them; one is Sign Up Genius.

Being a Southern Girl at heart, I know I’m supposed to write thank-you notes for gifts or thoughtful gestures. It’s hard to keep up with, though– I have so many generous friends! I decided to make a little thank-you bag for all the friends who brought me a meal.

I just divided up a large bag of jellybeans and put them into little favor bags. I found some cute tags at the dollar section of Michael’s and baby-fied them by adding the onesie stickers. On the tags I wrote a little message to say thanks.

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