Greetings from Texas! Today I have a few photos and updates to share along with my Monthly Wishes for January 2015. (Find more wishes at The Nectar Collective.) We first stopped in Louisiana and now my Texas travels have taken me to the Austin and now Houston where I’ll stay at my parents’ house for the next two weeks.

Living so far from family has gotten more difficult as I’ve had children and they are getting older. When we were visiting family in Austin, it was really the first time my kids played so well with their cousins. Now that the two oldest are nearing four they engage in pretend play together and it’s just precious to watch! We really hope we can someday move a bit closer so that the kids can grow up with their cousins, grandparents and other family nearby. For now we will just have to make do with visits and Facetime.

January Monthly Wishes

  1. Spend time with family and friends in Houston. This is the priority while I’m here! I have a few friends I need to meet up with and I’m hoping to do some fun things like the zoo and shopping.
  2. Push blogging schedule to 3x per week. I’ve been successful keeping up with twice weekly posting so I’m planning to increase my posting to include a Friday Weekend Inspiration post. I’m so excited about this series.  hope you’ll join me!
  3. Get better at Instagram. Of all the available social media, I really like IG the best. I have decided that I’d really rather do well with one than be mediocre at four. I’m playing along with #captureplay from No Time for Flashcards and trying to post at least once a day. Follow me here!

What do you think? Do you make monthly goals? I thought about doing goals/wishes for the year, but it just seems like too long. I’m not really into New Years’ resolutions. A month is really as far as I like to plan!

What are your wishes for this month?

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