I’ve been to a lot of art museums. I think seeing art in person is much more powerful than looking at a photograph of it. Standing in front on the mural-sized Guernica or walking in a garden of Rodin’s statues, for example, gives you a tangible experience–a memory– that you can recall later.
I started thinking about art when I encountered these sculptures at the NC Botanical Garden last week. They were done by Joseph Gargasz for the Sculpture in the Garden collection. It was really such a delight to see these bright ornaments pop up in the middle of the trail. I felt like their textured exteriors mimicked the tree’s bark in an odd way.
I decided I’m a fan of public art. Stuff like this shouldn’t be locked up for only the privileged who can afford admission. It also takes a special talent to utilize the materials is such a way that they can withstand the elements. It’s art but there’s also a serious technical element to it. I admire that.
Here’s the artist’s explanation. I can totally see a child’s craft project as inspired by these Amulets, can’t you?

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