Sunflowers in Harford County Maryland

Last September*, we drove out to visit one of the sunflower fields in Harford County Maryland. Each year, the blooms begin in late summer and last only a few, glorious weeks. Harford County, which is north of Baltimore, is famous for the brilliant yellow fields, but they can be found all over Maryland.

Sunflower Field in Harford County Maryland

The one we stopped at was owned by Clear Meadow Farms. They grow sunflowers for their seeds and don’t mind if people use the field for photo ops. The serious photographers get out early for some breathtaking sunrise shots. We didn’t go until a bit later in the day and the sun was high in the sky.

We used this little adventure to help learn more about plants. My son had been studying the different parts of a plant and how they are pollinated. This was a great chance to see it all up close.

Inspecting Sunflower

There were many butterflies and the more worrisome pollinators–bees.

Butterfly on Sunflower

My daughter was especially concerned about the bees. I think she was also a little intimidated by the flowers that towered over her head. Naturally, she was carried by Baba the whole way.

Nervous about the Bees in Sunflower Field

I am so glad we got to see these gorgeous flowers. We will definitely be making this a yearly end-of-summer tradition. There are a few other spots around the area I’d like to see.

Sunflower About to Open

Do sunflowers bloom where you live? 

*I’m so far behind on posts! I’m trying to get caught up and keep things current too. I have so many updates!

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