Let’s Go Berry Picking!

We’ve made some really great memories picking strawberries in the early summer! We went once in North Carolina and once here in Maryland last year. I just adore photos of babies with strawberry juice running down their chins. Plus, yeah, the freshly picked berries are delicious.

I also like how much it makes me appreciate all the work that goes in to our produce. From the planting to the picking, fruits and vegetables require back-breaking labor. I need to be reminded of the people who make it possible for me to walk in the grocery store and pick up a box of fruit.

I compiled a list of places to go strawberry picking in the eastern Maryland area. Please let me know if I missed any! I added the farm’s Facebook page to the map because they are usually more frequently updated with hours and availability. Just click on the icon to see the link.

I just bought a sunhat and we are planning to go picking on Saturday. I need tips on dealing with large quantities of fresh strawberries. Can I freeze some? How involved is making jelly?

(((( My comments are being difficult. Drop me a line on Facebook if you have any suggestions for me! ))))

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