Like a Breath of Fresh Air: Spring Ideas

Tulips at Sherwood Gardens

A few weeks ago* we visited Sherwood Gardens in Baltimore to see the famous spring tulip bloom. Sherwood Gardens is a open strip of land in a neighborhood of stately homes. Tens of thousands of tulips bloom each spring in a gorgeous display of color. The mixed color...

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Spring Garden Play

A few weeks ago* we visited an indoor garden and started seeing early signs of spring as we went outside. My daughter became very interested in the idea of a garden and wanted to create one of her own. We live in an apartment with no outdoor space, so I decided to set...

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Rawlings Conservatory and Botanic Gardens

We visited the Rawlings Conservatory and Botanic Gardens to see the Spring flower display- Where the Wild Things Grow. It was our first time inside, though we had driven past many times on the way to the Maryland zoo. The conservatory is inside a gorgeous glass...

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Washington D.C. Cherry Blossoms

We got the chance to go down to D.C. to see the Cherry Blossoms last weekend. It was gorgeous! After such a long winter, it was amazing to be able to be outside in the sunshine and see some stuff growing and blooming. The trees in Washington, D.C. were given to the...

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Weekend Inspiration 12 :: Start Spring Cleaning

  It's the first day of Spring... aaaand we got snow and ice to celebrate. I feel like I've been waiting for spring for a month and it doesn't seem any closer. So I figured I should start my spring cleaning now, and once the weather finally turns nice I'll be...

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Weekend Inspiration 10 :: Get Ready for Spring

This weekend is my most looked-forward-to weekend in the whole year! Why? Time change! Spring forward! More light. It amazing how much that one extra hour of day effects me. Last year I remember it felt like a weight lifted from my shoulders. So this weekend, although...

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Spring is in the Air… and on my car

I know it's the 15th. I'm late with my set this month and I'm going to go ahead and use the 'Pregnancy' card as my excuse. Poor girl, already taking the blame. The truth is that Mama's been feeling lazy. But I finally got my act together to post this tonight! It's...

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Strawberry Picking

Last week we went strawberry picking. I had never been to pick strawberries or anything else, really. I guess we should have gone a few weeks ago for the best berries, but these weren't bad. Now I'll know what to expect for next year. It was a little gruesome. But...

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