Snowy Scene Art Prompt

I have a fun and quick post for you today! I wanted to share an idea for a snow art prompt. I really like the idea of prompts or provocations because it allows children to be really creative with the materials you give them.

Since snow has been on our minds for the past month, I decided to set out some snowy/icy-looking materials and see what they came up with. I gave them some white and blue construction paper and a few pieces of textured paper in blue and grey. I also set out some biodegradable packing peanuts and little marble stones. (Be careful, of course with these little things and supervise little hands and mouths!)Snowy Scene Materials

Snowy Scene Painter

I also set out some paint and brushes. My daughter really enjoys paint and I sat with her making swirls and mixing paint.

Snowy Scene Paint

My son isn’t a huge fan of paint. He uses it sometimes, but he chose to create a scene for his beloved animals. He is really interested in creating appropriate habitats for the different kinds of animals.

Snowy Scene with Animals

I left these materials mostly accessible in a little tray and we used them a few times in the past few weeks. This would be a great activity after reading some of these books with snowy settings. And I’m already thinking of more seasonally-inspired art prompts. I love that these aren’t really about producing a specific product, but more about the enjoyment of creating and exploration.

Do you use art prompts or provocations?


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