We’re wrapping up Train Week with a fun little invitation to create. It’s a simple train craft that even the youngest train enthusiast can do!

Train Painting

My daughter is 19 months and she really enjoys painting. She likes getting messy with paint and mixing colors in a way my son was never too thrilled about. Since she loves trains so much, I wanted her to be able to do a little activity with them of her own.

Wrap canvas with craft paper for sturdy painting surface.

A few ideas for painting with younger ones.

  • I like to use this large brown craft paper. I bought it once to wrap gifts and have discovered how very versatile it can be. It comes in a large roll (like wrapping paper) and I think I got it from the Office section of Target. It’s thicker than ordinary paper, so holes don’t happen as frequently.
  • What I did for this project was to actually wrap an old canvass with the paper. It gave her a firm surface to paint on and when she was done, I could just pick it up easily to dry. It would also be perfect if she was standing up to paint.
  • She usually sits in her highchair at the table to paint. We live in a teeny apartment with no outdoor space, but if I had that option, I’d definitely take the paints outdoors!

Toddler Painting

To make our little train scene, I just sketched the tracks on the paper and then showed her how to use the stamp. She’d never used one before and was interested mainly in painting it… and then painting her hand. It was perfect, though. I helped her stamp it on the page and she was excited to see the “choo choo train” appear. She continued to play with the paint, mostly mixing it on the paper plates and getting a bit here and there on her paper, too.

Train Painting Activity

I also painted a letter T on the page just for fun. I have noticed she randomly identifies letters (usually not correctly, by the way) but I want her to start noticing them and maybe start making connections.

I’m really excited about her interest in painting. And of course she’s darling when I put her straight into the bath and she solemnly shows me her colorful hands that need to be washed. “Uh oh” she says. “No worries, baby,” I say.

Do you like to paint with the little ones? 

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