One of our favorite little places to play is Riderwood Hills Park in Baltimore County. It’s not a large playground, but its location next to The Shops at Kenilworth makes it super-convenient.

Riderwood Hills Park - basketball baseball playground

On this particular day, my son asked to bring a couple of trucks along. He experimented with driving the RC truck over different surfaces and sending vehicles down the slides. Physics!

Riderwood Hills Park - Experiments on the slide

Of course the kids like to play on the structures, but they always end up exploring the wild open spaces. I like playgrounds that have a bit of nature to explore too.

Riderwood Hills Park - open space

We were there in April, so the trees weren’t full. But in the summer there is nice shade, which is always on my criteria for a good playground. My daughter loves swings so that’s on her list.

Riderwood Hills Park - near Shops at Kennilworth

The little park is adjacent to the mall parking lot so it’s easily walkable. The mall is a neat spot to watch a two-story waterfall, see a model train, or do a bit of shopping. I hear they are renovating and adding new stores too.

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Last time we got a pizza at the mall and brought it out to the picnic tables to eat.

As a mom with the kids, I’m always on the lookout for spots where I can get several things done without dragging in and out of the car multiple times. That’s why I love spending a beautiful afternoon at this playground. The little lady is ready to explore it too.

Riderwood Hills Park - Jumpy Bridge

Check out more places to play on our Project Playground map. Where’s your favorite?

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