We took a quick day trip to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware last weekend and it was a prefect outing for our little family. It was about 2.5 hours from our home in northwest Baltimore County. It was a bit further than the Kent Island beach on the Chesapeake Bay that we had explored two years ago. We definitely need to venture out to more places on the coast.

Rehoboth Beach was recommended to me as being more “family friendly” and less “touristy” than Ocean City. I’ve never been there, so I can’t speak for comparison, but Rehoboth is a cute little town. We passed many charming homes that I imagine are available for weekly rentals. There are a few hotels too and a good deal of shops. They have the typical beach destination stores, but also many higher-end shopping and eating places.

The highlight of the day was definitely kite flying. R had bought a small ladybug kite at the Science Center gift shop, but we had never used it. The truth is that I’ve never flown a kite! I grabbed it at the last minute, guess that it would be windy enough. It was!

There was a kite shop right on the boardwalk and we went in to get a proper spool of string. My husband had fun teaching the kids. He grew up flying kites on the rooftops of his neighborhood in Kolkata. Apparently, it’s great fun to fight kites.

Of course we had some sandcastle fun and the kids got a quick lesson in building too close to the water. The beach is nice- clean with soft, powdery sand. There were a few shells around too. Growing up on the Gulf Coast, I remember going to the beach and finding tons of shells. Is that just a different beach, different mollusk thing or are seashells really more scarce nowadays?

The water was, of course, frigid. We ran in with our bare feet and felt the awesome power of the waves.

The boardwalk is just right on the beach, separated only by a small, grassy sand dune. I guess this is a common practice in less hurricane-prone areas because I’ve never seen stuff built just directly on the sand, sans stilts.

It’s really neat that you can just walk over to grab food or supplies while spending a day at the beach. We were wondering, though, how they keep the stores clean with sandy people coming in and out.

Two spots that we really liked and would recommend are Ryan’s Beach Store, which had the nicest and biggest selection that I saw. And The Coffee House, which is really a real estate office in disguise. The interior is nice, though, with comfy seats and clean single bathrooms. I enjoyed a hot coffee while baby had a nursing session and the kids ate ice cream.

So this was definitely a good day trip for us. We are thinking about going again and actually spending the night. We for sure want to visit Assateague Island to see the wild horses. Anywhere else we should check out on the Delaware-Maryland coast?

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  1. Maggie

    Bethany beach is nice too!


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