Today I thought I’d share what books I’ve been reading so far this year. Since 2015 started, I have read four books and am just starting a fifth.

Some people are surprised that I have time to read. I find time all sort of places. And when a book gets really good, it’s hard to tear me away. I’ve really always been like that– secreting pages of Sweet Valley High under my desk and staying up all night to find out how each Michael Crichton book ended. (Congo! Jurassic Park! Sphere!)

So what keeps me thrilled in 2015?

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Fallout: A Novel I read this book while I was in Houston. It was a random grab off the adult fiction new releases shelf. Told in my preferred format, this book unravels a tale from different perspectives over many years. The focus on the story in the changing relationships within a group of friends. It’s set against the backdrop of London theatre, which I know nothing about, so I appreciated the exposure to something new. Overall it was a good book with well-developed characters.

Uncovering Happiness: Overcoming Depression with Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

I have never actually read what I guess would be called a self-help book, but this one caught my eye and I picked it up because I’d been wanting to learn more about using Mindfulness. Though I don’t really consider myself depressed, I do deal with anxiety. I found this book to be very helpful for understanding firstly, how our brains work and secondly, real coping strategies for helping us have a more flexible state of mind. Whether or not you experience depression, negative thoughts, anxiety or just have some bad habits you want to change, this is a worthwhile read.

The Rabbit Back Literature Society This is a thrilling little book that tells the story of a writer’s club in a mystical Finnish town. The narrative is an adventurous ride from devastating realism to enchanting impossibility and around again. The style actually reminds me a lot of the magical realism found in many Latin American novels. There’s a co-exestince of unreal and real in every breath of this story that made it a delightful read.

The Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing: A Novel

This book feels like a modern epic, telling the story of an immigrant family over several decades. It’s everything you’d want out of an epic, wrought with humor and heartbreak and breathtaking narrative. The characters are so authentic, you almost feel like you’re standing right there–a voyeur to their lives. I was completely immersed in the story as it flipped from steaming India to damp Seattle to dusty New Mexico. This is the kind of book you can re-read and see something new. It would be a great book to discuss because there are so many subtleties. I totally loved it.


What I’m currently reading: White Teeth: A Novel


Last year I read Smith’s book NW and was in awe of her writing. She will blow you away with each word. It’s the kind of stuff you read and re-read just to let it sink in.


Ok now share. What are you reading? What do you plan to read this year? And what should I read next? 

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