Ramadan Mubarak, friends! We began the holy month of Ramadan this past weekend, for those of you who don’t know. Ramadan is a time for increased worship, fasting, acts of charity, and personal reflection. Fasting includes abstaining from food and drink but it also means forgoing things like gossip, harsh words, and conflicts. At the end of the month we celebrate Eid al Fitr with a large prayer and then a day of festivities.

I haven’t really been fasting for many years because of being pregnant and/or nursing. One year I had a baby during Ramadan! It’s been a little disappointing to feel so isolated from the things everyone else is doing, but I’ve come up with several ways to make the month special—especially with young children.

Today I’m sharing this simple activity that we actually did in a preschool group that I organize at my local masjid. The kids had a lot of fun decorating the graphics with marker, colored pencil, and glitter. I actually think the moms had an even better time!

Simply download the .pdf file below and print it out on card stock. (I printed mine on Ultra Bright White Card at FedEx)

Then let your kids add the color. You should definitely do it with them too.

You can glue them to larger cards or just write a note on the back. You could also use them for tags or labels—whatever you need!

I’ve got a few more ideas that I’ll be sharing this month so check back in or follow me on Facebook to keep in touch.

Do you send Ramadan and Eid cards? How do you incorporate your kids in your family traditions?

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