These Ramadan lantern sun catchers were inspired by two of my favorites: Sweet Fajr (she posts more on IG) and Tinkerlab. Like the card making activity, we also did this in our Preschool Group. The coffee filter painting is perfect for little ones and adding the beautiful lantern design turns it into a great holiday decoration.

The first part of this activity is to prepare the colored coffee filters. I set out some watercolors, plastic pipettes, and filters. This is such a brilliant way to engage kids in art. There are fine motor skills at work combined with the fun of color mixing.

My girls asked to do this again and again, sometimes using the filter to make something else or just completely disintegrating it with too much water. Either way, fantastic.

I limited their color options to three when we did it in the Preschool Group since the more they mix, the more grey-brown it becomes and we wanted the decorations to be colorful. I usually pop water color tablets out of their trays, break them in half, and put them in a different container with water. Ice cube trays, deviled egg plates, or packaging inserts all work well. It’s much easier to work with especially using pipettes. You could do this activity using brushes, but just be careful of tearing the thin filter with a brush.


Next, we left the color-soaked filters to dry. I used the free printable templates from Sweet Fajr to trace and cut out the lantern shapes. I’m not gonna lie, this is a bit tricky. I definitely did it myself. You could simplify the design if you wanted the kids to cut them out themselves. You’ll need two for each one.

Once the filters are nice and dry, just trim them to fit inside the lantern and glue it together. You can stick them on the window with tape or get fancy and punch a hole at the top and hang them from a string.

These are my favorite alternate use for coffee filters since we used to use them to blot the oil off our faces when I was at college in sultry Louisiana.

They look great in our window and I’m planning to bring them to decorate my in-laws’ house. We are making the trek down to Baton Rouge this week! I have one more Ramadan-inspired activity (and it’s my absolute favorite) that I’ll share next week.


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