It was quite warm today so we decided to fill up the kiddie pool on the back patio and cool off. Boo-Boo likes water, but he gets a little bored after a bit so I decided to spice things up with a little sensory play. (Bean can stay splashing around in the water for hours. She’s a mer-girl. Do you love how her shirt is inside-out and backwards? She put it on herself.)
I’ve had a little bit of leftover daal in my pantry for at least two years. I think I had tried to make something with it and it didn’t turn out. I really hate to waste food, but I knew I was really never going to do anything with this.
It was instantly exciting for both Boo-Boo and Bean. They loved scooping it up and pouring it. They poured it everywhere…
The only thing I didn’t really anticipate was how sticky it would be to wet hands and feet (and pavement). If I had to do it over, I wouldn’t have combined it with water. But at least it was just outside. I cleaned most of it up with our new watering hose.Do you do sensory play stuff at home? How do you do it without the food waste? 

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