We had so much fun playing with snow this week! This was my first ‘themed’ week. Truthfully, it was a last-minute decision and I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, or if I’d be able to post every day for a week! But it was a good challenge and one I think I’ll do again. Maybe once a month?

For us, we didn’t have any real snow this week–just a bit of a flurry–but we spent plenty of time playing with ‘snow’ inside. I thought I’d share a few snaps of what we did. At the bottom of the page is a Pinterest board with even more ideas. And in the comments, please share your posts or ideas!

So back to what we did. My son loves animals so of course all of his play centered around animals, specifically those that live in the snow. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce the concept of camouflage. Point out how these animals use their white fur to hide in the snow. He was really interested in this and it opened up a lot of dialogue. We used our Safari Ltd. Animal Toobs. You can see what’s available here.

If animals aren’t your child’s thing, try trucks, trains, small pots and pans, spoons, dolls, whatever!

Here’s three quick ideas (and find more on the Pinterest board below.)


1. Here’s the simplest, totally mess-free idea. Use a book. This was totally his idea, by the way. We have this large coffee table-style book about animals. He’s enjoyed looking at it since he was very small and liked pointing out the animal photos. One day he got the idea to use the landscape photos to set up a scene.

Reuse packaging

2. Reuse packing materials. Whenever we get boxes with styrofoam, packing peanuts or other materials like that, I squirrel some away to be used again. My son was eager to crumble styrofoam into snow (very messy), or use a large slab as an iceberg. In this setup, we used styrofoam and snow balls and packing foam as an icy surface in Antarctica.

Mix snow dough

3. Make your own powder. There are tons of recipes out there, we used this one from The Imagination Tree. It was simple to make and the kids loved being involved. I spread out a large, white sheet to add to the wintery landscape and help contain the mess. (Though, it really wasn’t too much of a mess at all!) They both had fun with it. It’s safe for my younger one, too. She was primarily occupied with scooping and dumping it.

Snow dough play

Check out more ideas here. I’m loving the ‘Snowman Factory’ one, I think we will try that one day before winter’s out!
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Now don’t be shy… share your snow play ideas below. (Share your links so I can add them to my Pinterest board!)



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