Sentence Scramble

Today I have an easy, low-prep activity to help your children with literacy skills. A sentence scramble is just a simple sentence with the words mixed up. Your child gets to figure out the right order and build the sentence.

I don’t have a lot of time to prepare things and I tend to be a spur-of-the-moment gal. So a lot of what we do involves simple materials and easy setup.

For this activity, all you need to get started is a stack of Post-Its and a marker!

I simply wrote each word of a sentence on a sticky note and then mixed the words up on the wall. I did this while he was eating lunch across the room. He immediately jumped up and engaged with what I was doing. I asked him to help me make a sentence that makes sense. It took him a few tries. He’s never heard the word sentence I don’t believe, but he caught on quickly! after a bit, he was wanting to make up his own sentences.

Use the words to make a sentence

The great thing about a sentence scramble is that you can adjust it based on your child’s vocabulary and interests. We did a train theme, but you could do anything!

Here are some of the sentences we did:

  • The train goes over the bridge.
  • The train went through a tunnel.
  • The animals ride on the train.
  • The train fell off the track.

To extend this activity, I asked my son if he could take a photo to illustrate the sentence. He’s very interested in photography (er, probably because I’m constantly taking photos!) so he was eager to try. I asked him to get both the sentence and the action in the shot, as you can see he didn’t quite get it. I think I’ll continue to encourage him to illustrate through photography. I just read this other post on Imagination Soup with a similar idea. I feel like there are so many possibilities with this.

photo illustration




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