I’ve been waiting to play Playdough with my son since he was like 2 months old. There’s something so relaxing about mushing those little balls of kerosene-scented dough. For the record (and because I know he will read this) my husband is the one who said it smelled like the kerosene lanterns they used when he was little. Apparently he grew up with the same scent as I did, but in a more utilitarian form.
Since Boo-Boo is two now and relatively trustworthy about eating non-food items, I decided to bring out the pack of Playdough his aunt gave him. 
He is starting to learn his colors, so we talked about what all the options were and he picked out these four. I was actually impressed by how well he knew colors! Even if he doesn’t always come up with the name of the color when prompted (“What color is this?”) he knows what most of them are in a normal conversation (“Pass me the black one.”) 
After a little talk about not eating it, we opened up the cans and started to play. (Last summer, Boo-Boo had a nasty experience eating some salt dough, which caused lots and lots of tears. I think that’s why I waited so long to do playdough!)
We experimented with animal footprints. The dinosaur made awesome tracks.

 We also tried making imprints of shells and making tire tread marks.

 What got him really excited was making little balls for the animals to play with. He’s into soccer now so the idea of a miniature version is super-thrilling. He let each animal have a turn kicking the ball and counted “1, 2, 3, go!” just like he does when he kicks. I was really amazed by how much language he was using to narrate his play. He can tend to be somewhat pensive when he plays–which is fine because he’s deep in concentration–but this really opened up his verbal side.

This was a fantastic indoor activity for a windy, Winter’s day. I love open-ended play that can start with one thing and lead to anything.

How do/did you play Playdough?

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