If you’ve read my blog for a while, you might remember Colour Me There’s Colour Me Happy Project. I took a little hiatus this summer, but I was eagerly awaiting her announcement for October. It’s Think Pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Last night, I couldn’t sleep and I got the random idea to go digging around in my old beads. (I’m a night-owl by nature!) I used to make jewelry pretty frequently. But somewhere between the laziness and clumsiness of my pregnancy, I slacked off. I noticed that I had several types of pink beads and my mind went to the challenge.

My favorite thing about making jewelry is mixing colors, shapes and sizes. A lot of times I try several combinations and it can be the most unlikely combination that turns out the best.

I bought these cloisonne metal beads in Barcelona. I’ve tried them in other ways, but I think this is the best. That was a really special trip and I love that I could bring back such an inspiring souvenir. This bracelet turned out a little big for my wrist so I am thinking I’ll give it to a friend. (I don’t usually plan or measure, especially not at 2:00 AM.)
This colors in this three-string bracelet remind me of a fantastical sea. The swirly, iridescent blues on the rectangular beads are the water and the milky pinks mimic the shells.
This one is my favorite, I think. It’s the simplest and was the easiest to make, but I just love the mix of sparkly, girly pink with the wooden beads.
I want to thank Maddie from Colour Me There for inspiring me to make jewelry after such a long break!

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