A couple of blocks from my sister-in-law’s house in Austin is a small field with a trail, picnic tables, a few benches, and sand volleyball court. The landscape with it’s low, brushy trees is so different from the towering pines in North Carolina. Since is rarely rains in the summer, the ground is dusty and crunchy.

One morning I brought Boo-Boo, his cousin and a small toy dump truck down to explore.

Boo-Boo already enjoys putting small toys and household objects in the truck, so the pebble-filled dirt wasn’t a stretch.

It was nice to see them share the toy.
The truck eventually ended up hauling pebbles, sticks and weeds. It was a crazy-easy pretend play and sensory experience. There is nothing easier or more real than simply being outside. And they didn’t fight once over a toy like they do at home. 

 {Which way?}

 Today we are sad to leave our family in Austin, but looking forward to weekend with my parents and a flight home on Monday. Monday is also 10 on 10, so I’ll be sharing photos from our journey! 
See you then…

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