The Oregon Ridge Playground is a great outdoor play option in northwest Baltimore County. The large play structures, fun slides, and rubber surface made this place a new favorite.

We had only ever been to the Oregon Ridge Nature Center, which is a little further down the road. We didn’t even realize they had a traditional playground until we started researching for our project. It’s a bit hidden and you actually want to go to the ‘Oregon Ridge Parking Lot’ to find it.

Oregon Ridge Playground

Oregon Ridge also includes trails, athletic fields and a beach (which is currently closed). The playground is adjacent to the main parking lot. There’s a large area for the bigger kids and a smaller side with swings and toddler/preschool play structure. It’s partially fenced but not completely.

Oregon Ridge Playground - lots of slides

Wood chip playgrounds annoy me, so I was thrilled to find this one that has a proper rubber ground. There were also plenty of interesting slides that the kids really enjoyed!

Oregon Ridge Playground - triple slide

Oregon Ridge Playground - large play structure

We went during the spring break so it was more crowded than it would have normally been during the week. It’s tough because while we don’t love it when playgrounds are super-crowded during school breaks, we also don’t like it when there aren’t any kids to play with at all. #homeschoolproblems

Oregon Ridge Playground - swings

There weren’t an abundance of swings, so it lost points with my swing-loving gal. There were only two baby-style and two regular swings. She still got in a good swing.

Oregon Ridge Playground - fun slides

We really enjoyed the Oregon Ridge playground. It has a wide variety of climbing and sliding opportunities and plenty of benches to sit and relax, too. Just outside the playground are several picnic tables and a nice, grassy slope. We could definitely spend the day hanging out!

Oregon Ridge Playground - enjoying the day

Oh the irony of starting a playground project during one of the rainiest of months. May was wet and chilly! We didn’t make it to nearly as many as we wanted to, but at least we have our list ready for fall. I have one more post to write and we might try to swing by another playground before we go out of town for most of the summer. Which one should we go to? Here’s the map.

Check back later this week for a post about arachnids.

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