Of all the things we have done for Ramadan, this one is my favorite. I wanted to have this post ready for the start of the month, but I didn’t get it together in time so I decided to do it at the end.

Sighting the new moon is an exciting part of Ramadan that I want to incorporate in our family traditions. This year we went up to the top floor of the parking deck so see if we could find it and we did! It was definitely tricky to spot and disappears quickly. It also didn’t help the we still had clouds and trees blocking the way.


Talking to the kids about the new moon gave me the idea for this watercolor resist painting. I prepared the paper with a shadow sketch and the crescent and set it out with watercolors and brushes. I told them we were painting the sunset and they should be on the lookout for the moon. They were quite thrilled to discover it!

Just use an ordinary white crayon to draw your moon. To make the ground sketch, I used a Sharpie. It was a bit painful to color all that in so if I did it again I’d either use a wider tipped one or try paint or black paper.

I gave them cool and warm colors for the sunset and told them to start at the bottom with the orange/yellow/red colors and at the top with blue/purple/pink. Watercolors work well because the colors blend and swirl so beautifully. For best results, get watercolor paper. It’s worth the extra few cents.



I love the activity because it was tied to such a vivid, real life experience. I want to include more ways of documenting our activities and learning. I also liked was a nice impact the final product makes.

There are many great ideas for teaching the phases of the moon and Ramadan is the prefect time.

Warmest wishes for an Eid Mubarak to all who are celebrating.

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