Meal Planning

I had one of those weeks where it felt like time sped up. It seemed just minutes after getting out of bed it was time to make lunch. It might be the shorter days. I dread this time of year because of the diminished light. Everybody does, right? But regardless, I did have a productive week. There are always so many things pulling at my attention. I’m working on being more focused.

This week I also want to share ideas about meal planning. Of all the ‘household’ things I do, meal planning, buying and cooking are my least favorite. I’ve really never been good about it so I can’t use having two children as an excuse. But now that I do have those small, hungry mouths to feed, popcorn for lunch and cereal for dinner aren’t going to cut it. So I’ll share my meal planning secrets and free printable, but first: Weekly Wishes!

Accountability from from last week:

  1. Cut back on coffee– Done! I’ve had it a couple of times all week, but not too much. Instead I’ve been finishing a box of Lipton and looking forward to exploring new tea options.
  2. Get ahead on glimmersnaps posts. I don’t have any posts scheduled, but I’ve made a plan and started working on them, so that’s major progress.
  3. Continue working on business website and open bank account. Mixed success on this front. I’ve back-brunered making the website for right now since I’m really not ready for any new clients at this moment. But I got my bank account opened this morning. Ca-ching!
  4. Continue organizing the study. Definitely made progress. It’s not blog-ready, but I cleaned out the closet and just have a few piles of stuff to go through.

Wishes for this week:

  1. Keep going on those glimmersnaps posts. I’ve got a weekly planner, book lists and lots of learning for kids all coming this month. I’d like to have three posts scheduled by the end of this week.
  2. Clean the house. We are having company next weekend so I need the whole house clean and organized for more than 5 minutes. Let’s see how that goes.
  3. Start packing. We are going down to visit our families and it’s time to start thinking about what everyone is bringing.
  4. Oh yeah and I almost forgot, I need to get my insurance updated because open enrollment ends next Monday. Ack!

It’s a lot, right? Check back next week to see how I did!

Meal Planning- My Weekly Meals

So I get a lot of questions about working from home, staying organized and maintaining sanity. I was texting with a close friend who’s new mom yesterday and I decided to write this post for her (and you if you’re looking for some ideas!)

She wants to get more organized: where to start? Meals are difficult for most people I know. They are also the most important. We all eat so there’s no hiding from it and being lackadaisical about food leads to eating junk, wasting money and HANGER. Nobody needs that in their lives.

Here’s what I suggest: use a meal planner. You might think you don’t have time to sit down and write it all out. Trust me, taking the time to plan on the front end saves you from time spent rummaging through your kitchen at dinnertime. Also, I made this snazzy meal planner just for you. Boom.

As far as how you fill this out, that’s up to you. You can either fill it in before or after your grocery trip. Most people, I can imagine would fill in their menu and then make a grocery list for whatever items you need. That’s great. It doesn’t work so well for me and there are several reasons why. First, as aforementioned, I don’t like cooking so I don’t like sitting around thinking up ideas of what to eat. I get cooker’s block. Second, I have a wonderful husband who sometimes goes to the grocery store so I don’t have to. Unlike me, he gets excited for food and comes home with random (though usually tasty) things. And third, I like to buy what’s on sale. Since I do not have time to look at sale fliers, I tend to wander the store searching for sale tags and bringing home random (though usually tasty) things. Long story short, I make my meal plans after all the groceries are in the house. It’s a bit of a puzzle and I like that.

On my meal planner I include breakfast and lunch. Yes, you should be considering these meals too. They are probably more important than dinner anyway.

One other thing I did for a while (and need to start doing again) in printing out the grocery store checklist. I made mine with a simple table in Word. It’s just a list of the most often-purchased items for my house. It includes food and non-food items. Keep the list handy and check things off as you run out. The list also gives me ideas for my cooker’s block problem. Mine is here as an example, but you will get more out of it if you make your own because you and I might not be eating the same stuff.

My plan for this week is above. You can see I used colored pens to make it a bit more interesting.

Just click on the files below to download. If you enjoy your free planner, please give this post a share on your social media. I appreciate it!

Meal Planner

Grocery List

What do you think? Want to give meal planning a try?


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