One of our favorite places to go is the Maryland Science Center at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. We purchased a membership with a Groupon deal and were amazed at how many fun learning opportunities we found. It’s worth every penny, even at the full price! In December, they opened a new exhibit called Science & Main.

Maryland Science Center - Dinosaur Exhibit

We went to check it out last week.

Maryland Science Center - Science & Main - Bike Wheels

Science & Main is located on the second floor above the dinosaur hall. It’s not a huge exhibit, but there are a few things that really captivated my kids.

Maryland Science Center - Science & Main New Exhibit

It’s set up like a Baltimore street with shop facades and construction zones. Kids can investigate ways that science–mainly physics–can be found in everyday life. There are bike gears, a balance experiment, and a catapult launch.

Maryland Science Center - Science on Main Catapult

My kids immediately gravitated to the perfectly simple construction area. It features large foam building blocks in varying sizes. Kids (and parents) can build as high as they can reach!

Maryland Science Center - Science on Main - Construction Zone

Z and R build a castle for little M. They probably could have played there all day.

Maryland Science Center - Science on Main Building a Castle

We didn’t have a chance to try the paper airplanes. I figured it would be a bit difficult for my kids without a lot of assistance from me, so we will save it for a visit when my husband comes along!

The one thing I’d change about this exhibit is the sound part. It’s… loud.

Maryland Science Center - Science on Main Exhibit

I’m sort of sensitive to noise and being in the large, echo-y hall with the pipe organ made me wish I had earplugs.

Otherwise it’s a great exhibit! The activities are simple, but I have found that’s usually the best for sparking creativity.

Maryland Science Center - Things to Do

There are lots of other exhibits at the Maryland Science Center. In fact, most of our unit studies have been inspired by trips to the Science Center. We’ve learned about the human body, electricity, dinosaurs, solar system, Earth, and right now we are learning about simple machines. (Nope, I haven’t posted about all that yet. It’s coming!)

Do you visit the Maryland Science Center? Have you checked out Science & Main? Ā 

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