Here’s an easy little craft that you can do along with your kids to make a tree for their small world and creative play.

tree craft

My son loves to set up little habitats for his animals. It’s a really wonderful way to teach him about things animals need (food, shelter, land, water) and how they live together. One thing that’s been difficult to recreate is the trees. He likes to use trees for different birds, monkeys and other arboreal creatures. But most of the trees that we’ve gotten in different sets aren’t really made with ample perching space.

animals in the tree

We’ve been creative with our tree making. We’ve used blocks, Duplo and I made a little tree from a wooden spool and pipe cleaners that worked well.

more tree ideas

But the other day we were at a craft store browsing for something else and my son picked up a faux plant and asked if that might make a good tree. Bingo.

We bought a couple of clusters of fake leaves and some dry foam.


One of the branches was smaller, so I just used that one as a whole, and we stuck it in the foam block. Then I made angled cuts from the top to the base to create the trunk.

The larger branch was too top heavy for the foam, so I divided it and made a few more trees of varying sizes. If you find your trees fall over too easily, you can glue a piece of card stock to the base to add stability.

Once the trunks were cut and I was sure they weren’t too top heavy, I painted the foam brown. I just used some Crayola Washable Paint that I had on hand. My son helped out with this part.

paint the trunk

I think they turned out really great! We’ve been using them for a rainforest setup and they are perfect. He is learning so many things about how animals live together in a forest environment.


Do your kids like to play with trees?

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