Have you tried LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics? The name alone should intrigue you. It’s an planet-conscience company with innovative, minimally processed products. I have tried several of their bath and beauty products for myself (and my sensitive skin) and decided to try some of their bath FUN ‘for the kids.’ It’s a soap, bubble bath and shampoo that you can mold and play with like dough. Bath toy and soap in one. It comes in all different colors and scents, but we picked up the seasonal Snowman pack to give it a try.

lush snowman fun 1

Just to let you know, I’m not affiliated with LUSH Cosmetics in any way. I just recently discovered their products (via the sweetest thank-you gift) and I thought this was too FUN not to share.

I first let them play with it outside the bath. For my daughter I made three balls and she practiced stacking them and breaking them apart. Like any other kind of dough, it’s a great fine motor activity. My son has more of an idea about what a snowman looks like. We talked about rolling balls for the body and he placed eyes, nose and mouth on the face.

It is a bit crumbly. We found that keeping a small bowl of water and wetting our fingers helped it hold form and stick.

lush snowman fun snowman

After playing for a while, we brought it to the bath. It really makes a lot of bubbles! We used only about a third of the package and it was MORE than enough. My kids got a good wash and were amazed by the bubbles. Don’t be alarmed if the water (and kids) are colored. That’s part of the fun! And the color easily washes away.

lush snowman fun bubblebath

FUN is preservative-free and the packaging is biodegradable too. Another great thing is that part of the sales help fund projects in Fukushima, Japan to create safe places for children to play outside. It’s really a product that you can feel good about buying.

Have you tried it? Would you play with it yourself? (I totally did)

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