Since I returned from an extended stay in Texas, I’ve been meaning to take Boo-Boo out on an adventure here at home. So when Design Mom encouraged her readers to to something fun and local this weekend and then post about it on Monday, I instantly knew how we would spend the weekend!On Sunday, we visited the Sarah P. Duke Gardens on the campus of Duke University here in Durham, North Carolina. We had beautiful weather as you can see. It was perhaps a touch warmer than the “crisp fall” that’s already enveloped the more northern latitudes. But I won’t complain about 75 degrees when it’s still in the 90s in Houston!

This garden is absolutely breathtaking. There are classic terraced gardens, towering magnolia, redwood and pine trees, ponds, and winding trails. I’ve been there many times and in many different seasons since I’ve lived here. This was the first time I’ve taken Boo-Boo since he was walking. He really tired himself out climbing up and down the stone steps and running along trails and grassy hills.


I think the water lilies are my favorites. Boo-Boo had the most fun in the bamboo. Two other small boys were running through it and he shyly watched for a while before joining in. Of course, you can see that Hubby came too. It was a truly memorable day for our little family.I’m so glad I was able to take part in this “Love the Place You Live” challenge. So often we wish we could get on an airplane and see a new place yet there are so many amazing things in our own city to enjoy!

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