The other day at Nana’s house Boo-Boo was getting bored playing with the same old toys. We decided to pull out an old rotary phone and computer keyboard for entertainment. It was a big hit.

He was thrilled to be allowed to “type” (bang) on the keyboard. My mom showed him how to press one button at a time and he liked that too. He even tried using his feet.

The rotary phone amazed him. Of course the wheel dial was thrilling. And Nana taught him to hold the receiver next to his ear– just like he does with the cell phone.

He’s always loved playing with household items more than actual toys. I encourage him because I think playing with pots, cups, bags, and cardboard boxes fosters creativity and it’s a lot less maintenance than constantly buying new toy sets. It can be a problem, however, when he starts rifling through a coworker’s purse or pulling bottles off the shelf at the store!

Boo-Boo enjoyed his little office. I think
I’ll check out some flea markets and thrift shops when I get home to set him up with one in the play room. The cords seem like they might be a danger so I’ll either remove them or only let him play with supervision.

What else could I add to his office?

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