Happy Friday!

This week I’m starting a new Friday feature that’s a little different than the stuff I usually write about. It’s about shopping. It might be coupons, clearance finds and good deals or maybe just inspiring things I saw at the store. It will be fun!

Today I’m sharing a few photos I took when I was visiting Houston a few weeks ago. Sam Moon is a chain of accessory shops that are crazy-big and, I’ll be honest, a little overwhelming when you first walk in. It’s jewelry, handbags, hair stuff (hair too!), shoes, luggage–you get the idea– as far as the eye can see.

We don’t have a Sam Moon where I live, so I strolled around one in Houston just for fun.

I didn’t buy anything, but maybe I could have rocked those cowboy boots.

 {Cadillac handbags}
{Dressy boots}
{Scarves! The sign says “Please shop neatly.” Love it.}
Have a great weekend ❤

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