It’s been a while since I’ve done a shopping post. I guess I haven’t been thrilled by much at the stores lately, though the discovery of Peanut Butter Oreos was a recent highlight. Since we found out we are expecting a girl, I’ve been eyeing a few items at work and decided to pick a few things.

As soon as I announced the gender of my baby, people started talking to me about shopping for girl stuff. To be honest, tons of pink and ruffles don’t really make me swoon the way tiny sweater vests and khaki pants did. Maybe with Boo-Boo I was just more excited about everything in general since it was the first time. Maybe I don’t like girl stuff. Maybe I’m just too exhausted to be excited. 

I am happy about these little Rumparoos Newborn diaper covers. You know, we use cloth diapers. And I plan to start with primarily prefolds and these covers. The one on the left is snapped as small as it can get and one the right it’s as big as it can be. Hopefully these will fit great from the beginning and last for a few months.

I also picked up this Kawaii Minky pocket diaper and some matching My Little Legs. If I’m going to do pink, it’s going to be hot pink!

Here is an organic cotton onesie by Dandelion in this gorgeous purple. I found bumGenius leg warmers and a Bali Baby hat that match–though probably not at the same time. 

I got the onesie in blue, too. I’m thinking I could keep it plain or add an embellishment. I’m a total sucker for blue on girls. I also got a GroVia shell. I’ll use it with a prefold when she gets a little bigger.
Oh and Boo-Boo got something too. Well, I should say his Sock Monkey did. How much is he rocking that Rumparoos Doll Diaper? 
 What do you think of my slightly-girly stash so far? If you have a girl, did you go all-out pink or did you keep things colorful?
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