Here’s how I used KonMari for baby clothes. sound too complicated? It’s easy, I promise.

How to organize your baby's clothes - KonMari, Baby
Today I’d like to share the details about how I organize my baby’s clothes. I’ve been working on this KonMari project of totally re-thinking everything in my entire home for a while now. I have showed you my clothes and my kids’. But babies are just a little different. One thing that’s the same is that I still use a “capsule,” or minimal wardrobe, system.

For the first year or so, babies really don’t need many clothes. Because most babies grow quickly in the first months of life, it doesn’t make sense to buy many clothes of each size. In fact, since the photographing of these clothes a few weeks ago, she’s already grown out of some of them! It’s better to keep a small wardrobe that’s mostly mix-and-match. Sure, babies have leak issues, but even if you change clothes twice a day, it’s still not much. I wash the baby’s clothes along with the other kid clothes twice per week.

I’ve had babies born in February, July and October, so I’ve had experience with a range of weather. But layering is pretty important regardless of the season because of heating and cooling. These sleeveless onesie bodysuits are great as a base layer. I also like the Carter’s onesie sets and pants. These are easy to coordinate. Easy is always what you want. I know those little outfit sets are adorable, so go for a couple of those if you truly love them. Below are our bodysuits and pants. We have about 7-8 bodysuits (plus the sleeveless ones) and 7-8 pants. Because it’s quite cold here in Maryland, I have a few sweater pants. Some I bought and others are repurposed cashmere sweaters.

Mix and Match with Baby Capsule Wardrobe


For babies in cooler months, you’ll need a few top layers like jackets. I like to keep these as neutral as possible so they go with anything. The one on the top left is a one-piece footless suit with a hood.

KonMari Baby Wardrobe - Layers

I love the all-in-one footie suits (top photo). Like, this is all a baby really needs. These plus a sleeveless onesie were basically all she wore for months. The problem I’m having now is that she’s quite tall, so footies don’t always fit right. I am saving the footies for bed and doing onesies with pants when she’s awake and rolling around, playing with her toes, and attempting to crawl…!

Those footie suits hang on hangers along with a few other items like sweaters and jackets. The pants and onesies are folded in a lidded box. And speaking of folding, here’s how I KonMari-style fold the onesie:

How to fold a onesie bodysuit (the KonMari way)

She also has a tiny drawer for accessories. Babies need socks when it’s chilly. They do NOT need shoes unless it’s cold and you want them for warmth. Even when they first start walking, it’s better for babies to tread on bare feet if possible. I kept only 1-2 neutral hats for her. So far she hasn’t needed bibs, but if/when she starts drooling a lot, I will put her in solid color onesies with a bib that can be switched out throughout the day. (Drool bibs with some sort of stay-dry lining like fleece are ideal. Something like these!)

What about the clothes that I’m saving for the future? That’s the tough part. People give you lovely gifts, you find something on clearance for a steal, or you have hand-me-downs from another child. How to manage those? Firstly, you only keep items that truly spark joy. Consider if items are season-appropriate for the size. I kept very few things from my first daughter because I wasn’t sure if we would have a third baby and I figured that it would be unlikely that it would be both a girl and born in the same season. While we did have another girl, I’m glad that I didn’t save all of my July daughter’s stuff because most of it wouldn’t have worked.


So I take all the clothes that I love and want to keep for the future and I sort them by size. Then I make a video clip of all the items I’m putting in storage. A list would work too, but an iPhone movie is quicker. After I have a catalogue of what I have, I KonMari-style fold them all and place them in a large storage bin. I have this one from IKEA. It holds all save-for-future clothes for my three kids and fits at the bottom of the closet. I have the clothes organized by size so that the smaller stuff is at the top. The baby’s clothes are stacked in a layer on top of the kids’. When her clothes start to get tight, I unzip the bin and pull out whatever I have stored. The video is especially helpful to remember what you need something to match with or to avoid buying doubles.

So this pretty much wraps up my clothing coverage! I will show you our closet once everything is done and I’ve been back through to perfect everything. I will post about books, homeschool supplies, toiletries, and kitchen items in the coming weeks. In real life, I’m very close to finished! I just need to do the sentimental category and finalize all my rooms. It’s exciting because I can already see a difference!

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