We had our anatomy ultrasound this week and *surprise* we are having a girl this July! I’d been pretty well convinced that it was another little man, but I started having a girl vibe a few days before the ultrasound. Funny thing is the exact opposite happened when I was pregnant with Boo-Boo. I was SURE he was a girl. Like, I had a name and everything. Then a day or so before we found out, I started to think boy.

This time, I had the fun of asking him what he thought the little baby in my belly was going to be. Two nights before the scan, he was kissing my bump and saying “I love you baby” in the sweetest way imaginable. I asked if he thought it would be a sister.
-“No” he said– as if he had even the slightest clue what sister even was!
“Will it be a brother?” I asked.
-“No” came the same sure reply.
“What will it be?” I said.
-“Lion!!” he enthusiastically replied. He might be a little disappointed in July. I might have to get her one of these cute bodysuits to make up for it.

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