A couple of weeks ago I was visiting my parents and we found this nifty fish-shaped ice cube tray at IKEA. For a dollar, I couldn’t pass up the possibilities. Initially I was thinking about something like One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. We might still do that, too. But for today: Ice Fishing!


I just froze a magnet inside some green food colored water. The magnet I used was the round kind– just like on the “lure.” To make the rod, I just used a pencil and glue gunned a small piece of twine around the end and wrapped it around the magnet.

The ice starts melting fast so make sure to use really cold water!

 It was a fun sensory experience for Boo-Boo. He loved feeling the coldness and showed great concentration in picking up his fish.

How are y’all staying cool this summer?

 (Sorry, I guess the heat brings out my accent.)

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