This summer we moved to a new home in Maryland and I’ve been excited to give y’all a home tour. It took me a few weeks to unpack and get settled. It’s not completely done–but what home ever is! The truth is that I kept waiting for it to be be photo-ready. Like, I needed to organize this or hang that. But then I remembered reading a friend’s blog post about not cleaning up your living room and I decided to just start clicking.

Our new home is in a mid-rise building. It’s got an elevator and interior hallways. I’ve lived in many places in several states and a couple of countries, but I’ve never had a home quite like this. It’s brand-spanking-new and just across the street from the local library and a metro stop. There are also a few restaurants on the on the ground level. Maybe I’ll do another tour with exterior shots one day! The one tradeoff we made when choosing this apartment was square footage. We went from a two-story townhouse to less than 875 sq ft.

Fitting a family of four into a small space has been a challenge, but one that I gladly took. I’ve always strived to keep the stuff in our home to a minimum. There is still a box of stuff I need to sell and probably a few bags worth of clothes for Goodwill, but I feel pretty happy with how things are now. I purged once already and once before we moved. One piece of advice I’ve been told is to keep only things that serve at least two purposes. I like that as a buyer’s rule.

livingdining room 2

My most favorite thing about our home is the light. These huge windows let the light pour in. I love how the kitchen and living area is all one space and I can have an open feeling no matter where I am standing. Since we aren’t really suited for sitting at the bar with the little ones, we just put our table int he space right up under it. Only two chairs and the high chair fit but we pull up the other chair when we are all home for dinner. We sit at the table for more than just meals. During the day we read and do activities here.

play area

This left our teeny breakfast nook open for a play area. We initially had the coffee table in front of the couch but it really took up too much space and made the living room feel cluttered. I pushed it over to the nook that is just to the side of the kitchen and it fit perfectly. We store toys on the bottom and play on top. There is also a little area rug and a few pillows.

kitchen 1

kitchen 2

The kitchen is so nice! The cabinet space is limited so we hung some bars and hooks from IKEA. Also, I’m still getting used to using gas. Not only am I scared of the actual flame, but I tend to burn more things than I do ordinarily.


There are two bedrooms but we all sleep in one. This one has a huge window like the ones in the living space. We got light-blocking curtains from IKEA and they make it really perfect for naps. My kids love to make ‘nests’ on the bed with pillows and blankets. We sit inside and cuddle and read. The bed never stays made, but it’s perfect.


I’m proud of this closet. It basically holds all of our clothes and then some. I keep a few out-of-season clothes in the second closet in the other bedroom, but this is the vast majority. Pretty sweet, right?

study- workspace

Since we use only one bedroom to sleep we get to make the other one a study. That chest of drawers is where I store all sorts of supplies, tools, photos and miscellaneous items for the home. We bought this new desk from (where else) IKEA since our old place had built-ins. On the opposite wall are our bookshelves. Even though books get spread around all over the house, this is their home base. One of the beauties of having a small home is that it’s easier to pick up after clutter. If I only have a few steps to walk to put something away I’m much more likely to actually do it. Also even a small amount of clutter makes an impact so I tend to pick up more consistently rather than letting it go and then it’s a big mess.

study- books

Thanks for coming on my home tour. I’ll keep you updated when I finish a few little projects on my list: possibly hanging a mirror over the couch, organizing the study closet, and squeezing more space out of the kitchen are just a few.




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