A couple of weeks ago, I realized that Boo-Boo needed new shoes and I may have felt a little sentimental looking back at all the shoes he’s worn so far.
I just can’t believe how much bigger he’s grown.

The brown show was his first pair, which I bought about a month after he began walking. The blue one is what he wears now, not even a year later. When he wore that brown one his steps were short and still wobbly. He was tentative to tread on surfaces besides flat pavement. He would trip and get scrapes. He would sometimes still crawl.His steps now are fast and confident. He walks up and down stairs on those two feet that were once so unsure. He delights in different surfaces and inclines. He runs and jumps.

I bought his first pair of shoes at the end of November in 2011. I remember because Stride Rite had a Black Friday deal. He had just begun walking when he was 9 months old in October and I felt like he was ready for shoes by the following month.

By Spring, he was ready for a new pair. Boo-Boo has wide feet– these were double wide, in fact– so I went back to Stride Rite for these. He wore these so much I can’t even read what the size was and of course I can’t remember.

I bought him a pair of Crocs for water play. At first he was nervous to walk in a plastic shoe, but he got the hang of it quickly. I loved these for water, but not for daily use. I realized that because they were so easy to slip on and off I was using them too much for walking. Since the Spring shoes were too tight, I sprung for a new pair.

These are the shoes he’s wearing now. I think they are my favorite style-wise so far. I’m hoping he will learn to put them on himself. I’m hoping they will take us on many long walks exploring the crunchy fall leaves.

Since Stride Rite was having a sale and I’m a sucker for deals, I ended up buying another pair a half size larger. These come up a little higher and are more of a winter boot. Hopefully he will grow into them and they will keep his still-little feet warm in the coming months.

I know he is still so small. I just have to look over at my husband’s shoes and imagine one day that he would wear that size. I still try to be mindful of how much he has grown in such a short time.

Don’t even get me started on his clothes.

Enjoy your weekend!
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