So I’ve been on a little break for about a week and a half. We were traveling (more on that later this week!) and when we got home we had the most beautiful 70 degree weather. We had to take full advantage of it so we basically lived outside (apart from going to work at the store) for the week. But now I’m back to documenting all the funny little things we do. Today, we have grapes.

Boo-Boo loves grapes. I know he should be eating them cut in half. I read the pamphlet from the pediatrician. I guess he didn’t read it because he won’t eat them cut in half. Perhaps it’s not as satisfying a crunch. I supervise him carefully and he has nearly an entire mouthful of teeth, so that’s all for my disclaimer.

The thing about grapes is that I find it annoying to pick them off of the stem. I had read other blogs about babies peeling their own bananas, so I decided to let him pick his own grapes.

He was confused at first.

 At first, he pulled the grapes tentatively and got a little frustrated when they wouldn’t come loose. Eventually he just leaned down and took a nibble. But after I showed him a couple of times how hard to pull he got the hang of it. Now he can help prepare his own snack.
How do you let your children help in the kitchen?

Check back for more new posts all week. Tomorrow I have advice for air travel with your little ones… 

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